Welcome to Axelrodnews.com, a source of timely intelligence for those who seek high returns in all types of market environments. Axelrodnewsletter.com seeks to identify stocks we believe to be grossly over- or under-valued, and provides opinions on the viability of the stock as a long or short position candidate suitable for aggressive investors.

Axelrodnews.com provides updates when we initiate, increase, decrease or liquidate our positions. We provide both short-term (ranging between one day to three months) and long-term opinions on potential trades (typically 12 months).

As existing users of this service have learned, we believe that an investor can make money in all market seasons, given flexibility and a willingness to shoulder risk. In bull markets, this can mean identifying little-known stocks (especially those with a thin float of publicly tradable shares) that are poised to rise sharply when they are discovered by large numbers of investors. But upward-trending markets also contain stocks that have risen far past reasonable valuations due to investor exuberance. We seek these out, too, and feature them as short-sale candidates. In sideways or bear markets, opportunities on the short side are even richer as yesterday’s high-fliers crash to earth.